Redefining Myself As A 3D-VR Hobby Blogger 0

As much as I enjoy writing, writing for people on a blog makes me self-conscious of what I say here. I haven’t found the right tone, voice or subject to make me too active on this blog yet.

To me, my writing voice sounds dry, but it’s just me trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about. As you’ll figure out shortly, I really don’t. I’m still exploring as I go. I’m sure I’ll get over it one day and start being more confident in what I have to say as time goes on.

A few months ago I nearly scrapped it all, but instead archived 15 posts, embarrassed from ever pushing the publish button on most of the things I’ve said to date. My personal animation projects as my topic of choice was going nowhere worthy of continuing for me. Not yet anyway.

I guess frustration got the best of me.

I had this feeling that I’d never understand or get this blogging thing right, whatever “right” is supposed to mean in the blogging world. I’m still not sure if I ever will.

I mostly wanted to start over from scratch after that realization. I felt that I could do much better.

As always, I’m an amateur and I do this as a hobby. I repeat those words like it’s my mantra because I do my best to keep any readers from having high expectations of me. Or, maybe I say it to keep me from having high expectations of myself!? Either way, I’m starting over and redefining myself as a hobby blogger.

In the last 6 months, my interests have gone from animation to Virtual Reality after buying a Google Cardboard in January. My past interests in Autodesk Maya have returned and I’m relearning the software with that area in mind.

My goals are to get a better understanding of Maya, Unity and the creation tools used for VR. We’ll need more people innovating and experimenting.

I’d like to become one of them and inspire other hobbyists to shape these areas with their skills and energy for years to come.

I’ll try to improve where I can, but I hope to grow this blog into something more active and entertaining. I’m starting that goal with this post.

I’ll try to make my writing and topics less cringe worthy on this new path, but I can’t make any promises.