Why I’m Finally Ready To Begin My Blog 0



Starting all over again

After 13 months of non-action on this blog, and an e-mail offer to buy my domain name, I’m ready to give this blogging thing a serious effort. I figure that Fall is as good of a time as any, right? My lack of postings have been nagging at me lately, especially as I continue to pay yearly hosting prices. I have no excuses left in me.

One excuse I’ve had in the past, is having a fear of not being talented enough to post anything worthwhile, while exposing my failures in public. I’ve had paralysis analysis for too long; wanting this blog and my skills to be perfect before I begin. I’m slowly realizing, that this exposure isn’t going to get in the way for me any longer. Everyone has to begin somewhere, and it won’t be so horrible to see where this might take me.

At this point, I imagine trying to figure out what I want to say in my posts for a while. At first it won’t be very important; I don’t expect readers anytime soon. What WILL be important, in the short term, (possibly long term too?) is beginning. I think it will put me in the right state of mind to commit my effort to posting my animation interests, if I’m able to post regularly about the things I’m currently working on.


I welcome you to this site.

My interests are in exploring and experimenting with 3D animation and film form. I’d like to discuss and show how it’s currently being used in the process of Pre-visualization.

In the world of Virtual Production, Previs is a technique of rough animation layout that helps Directors and Producers visualize and green-light the approval process for their films. As film producers flesh out cinematography and story structure decisions, Previs saves future production costs relative to the amount of pre-production planning completed. This is becoming an important and developing area of film today.

I’d like to explore these Pre-production concepts for the indie filmmaking niche; specifically to help filmmakers pitch their visions on crowd-funding platforms, while incorporating information about animation and the way virtual production can be used for better storytelling.



Here are two great videos describing what Previs is; courtesy of the Pre-visualization Society.

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