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Silly Google

For a long time, starting a blog was just a way to get on the bandwagon of making money online, and maybe to have a simple portfolio site of the work I was doing. I spent a few months looking into that world. I thought I would set-up a niche blog, find a few keywords, write some articles (or pay someone else to write them for me), and let google adsense and affiliate money lay a foundation for passive income. Thankfully, things didn’t turn out that way.

Maybe that way of making money is good for some people, if they can pull it off, but I know myself enough to know that even after a lot of effort into preparing this type of business model, I would have lost interest in it really quickly. My heart just wouldn’t have been into it without a purpose.


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Starting all over again

After 13 months of non-action on this blog, and an e-mail offer to buy my domain name, I’m ready to give this blogging thing a serious effort. I figure that Fall is as good of a time as any, right? My lack of postings have been nagging at me lately, especially as I continue to pay yearly hosting prices. I have no excuses left in me.

One excuse I’ve had in the past, is having a fear of not being talented enough to post anything worthwhile, while exposing my failures in public. I’ve had paralysis analysis for too long; wanting this blog and my skills to be perfect before I begin. I’m slowly realizing, that this exposure isn’t going to get in the way for me any longer. Everyone has to begin somewhere, and it won’t be so horrible to see where this might take me.


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When you think about Stereo 3D films, what are your conclusions? Do you think that Stereo 3D is a fad that is bound to wither away in a few short years? Or, like me, do you imagine the technology will improve upon itself as time goes forward and succeed with critical crowds?

At raised movie theater rates, there’s no doubt that people are flocking to wear oversized, plastic framed glasses to see stereo films in a time of recession. If you look closely into the trend, you’ll notice its introduction into student education curricula for digital editing and motion graphics programs; new television stations; medical uses in analyzing molecular structures, and a YouTube addition for conversion in their listings.


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