How I’m Taking Action to Become a Better 3D Artist 0



A new decade, a birthday, or a new year, can be the best time to look back and see how far we’ve come, and where we’re going, in the direction of our lives.

This New Year happens to find me traveling throughout Thailand. At least for a while.


Trang Islands


With my different environment and time availability, so went a few bad habits. After 6 weeks, life has replaced those habits with a re-focus on disciplined action.

My first steps have been to continue improving with book lessons in Autodesk Maya:


Polygon model of a Catapult


Polygon and Nurbs modeling of a Toy plane

Improving my 3D skills is far too important for me to give up on. It’s time to get through frustrations I have and create personal projects, no matter the results.

Completing lessons on Modeling, Animation, Rigging, and the basics of Shading and Texturing has got me to the point of confidence to start.


Rigging chapter–IK Walk Cycle


Rigging chapter–Connection lesson to rotate 6 wheels and armature using one main control curve. Model provided.

These have been a few lessons that I’ve accomplished this month.

When it comes down to it, lessons aren’t very creative. Following someone else’s step-by-step ideas leaves me with little inspiration, and it slows down wanting to work inside the program.

I’m moving towards personal projects so I could learn in a way that will allow me to be more disciplined. There are ample resources for a 3D artist and I would move forward faster researching the things I need to know, when I need to know them. 


I’m at least going to make the effort to learn in this way until it proves me wrong.

I expect this website to be used for accountability while I bootstrap my way to better animations.