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A website for animation competitions

A website for animation competitions

The good news about starting a blog is that it always gives me new challenges to face and experiments to try out. That could be from figuring out how to be more productive with my content, to determining which direction my blog structure will move towards. There’s always something to improve, test and learn.

I’ve given myself another obstacle for March, since it seems like I’m willing to stress myself out somewhat; I’m going to be starting an 11 Second Club animation project and see how far I can get with it.

I don’t necessarily feel like doing anymore book or video tutorials on how to learn Maya, so I’m going to be throwing myself into a project, which will definitely result in a poor attempt of animation.

Why poor?

My skills aren’t close to being good enough yet. I gave up a few times when it became too hard to learn Maya. I’ve done a lot of tutorials, and schooling, but my knowledge hasn’t been used for any independent projects until this one. Which is why I’m guessing the results are going to suck.


Entry Level VFX: Matchmoving in 3DEqualizer 2




Unless you understand a little bit about Post Production, a person who isn’t very familiar with the VFX process probably hasn’t heard much about the role of a Matchmover within a studio. It’s a part of Visual Effects that is seen often, but if the artist has done their job properly, it is almost unrecognizable.

Matchmoving is the process of combining live-action video footage with VFX; The goal is to create an accurate reconstruction of the camera, for use within a virtual environment layout, and for tracking purposes. It allows films to blend with realistic animations and effects seamlessly.

This allows CGI and film to line up so that Optimus Prime looks like he’s walking around a city live in Transformers, or it’s to create the first down yellow line seen on television when you watch a football game, or the mouth animation in the Bush’s Beans commercial that makes us believe the dog is aware and speaking with the actor.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’ve noticed how Matchmoving has been heavily integrated into the Virtual Production pipeline, especially in the area it must be required in, the process called Post-vis.


Where to Find Education for Previsualization 0


Jurassic Park Previs


I’ve been meaning to create a blog post on Brian Pohl’s suggestions for me when I asked him how one becomes a Previs Artist at the Previs lecture series event I attended in October.

If you’re just getting started in the subject as a student, as I am, he mainly tried to direct me towards the classes that are available at Gnomon School of Visual Effects; including the class he teaches for Previs and Animatics.

Of course, there are some prerequisite classes to go through before reaching his class. The prerequisite classes will help prepare you with your goals of becoming better storytellers and communicators within the process of Previs. These are the semester classes Brian recommended; please click the links for extended information:



What is stereo depth 3D? 0


When you think about Stereo 3D films, what are your conclusions? Do you think that Stereo 3D is a fad that is bound to wither away in a few short years? Or, like me, do you imagine the technology will improve upon itself as time goes forward and succeed with critical crowds?

At raised movie theater rates, there’s no doubt that people are flocking to wear oversized, plastic framed glasses to see stereo films in a time of recession. If you look closely into the trend, you’ll notice its introduction into student education curricula for digital editing and motion graphics programs; new television stations; medical uses in analyzing molecular structures, and a YouTube addition for conversion in their listings.


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